Each school in Europe offers the same quality of teaching at different levels of practice although the individual schools. Although the acceptance of students and the organization of the lessons are entirely at the discretion of the Sifu who owns the school and runs it according to their own principles.


The ELYWCIMAA is a no-profit organization dedicated to the diffusion of the Wing Chun in Europe as taught by Master Lok Yiu and his Grand Master Yip Man. After the passing of its co-founder and President, Wilhelm Blech, the ELYWCIMAA has been put under the guidance of a Board of 10 Directors. They are all Lok Yiu Wing Chun instructors and belonged to the former 1° line students who were trained directly by Wilhelm Blech himself. The Sifus who are part of the BOD, have been all presented to the Lok Yiu family and regularly fly to Hong Kong to a week of reunion, planning the upcoming year and most of all do very intense training sessions with Master Lok Yiu’s sons: Lok Kwen Kwong and  Lok Kwen Sang.

Following the same tradition that makes the Lok Yiu Wing Chun what it is now, students who pass the exams to become Lok Yiu instructors are the only ones entitled to open a school with the Lok Yiu’s name. The history of Wing Chun has been built on the closed relationship between the Sifus (teachers) who were family fathers and the Todais (students) who were their sons and daughters. Therefore, the structure of the organization, although it cannot anymore be so strictly applied, relies still upon the same trust, cooperation, connection, and deep respect that can only be built between a father and their children. 

The  network of European schools that are part of the ELYWCIMAA receives from the organization every support in terms of:

  • Digital promotional activities at European and national level. 
  • Yearly seminars for students and for instructors.
  • Open training days for new students.
  • Trips to China.
  • Other travel experiences to the other European schools.
  • Students end year examination.
  • Instructors end year examination.