was born in April 1957, on the same day as his younger brother. When he was a child he liked watching his father’s To-Dais training. After entering the world of Wing Chun, though, he realized how much work it required. In time, training by training, challenge by challenge, the Wing Chun became an essential part of his life too. When Wilhelm Blech, former President of the ELYWCIMAA, became Lok Yiu’s To-Dai, a great friendship and brotherhood grew between them and the many European students that followed his steps to Hong Kong.

Thanks to the many seminars organized by the ELYWCIMAA, Master Kwong could meet all European instructors and strengthen a close relationship with them. Master Kwong, still today, can proudly say: “The Lok Yiu Wing Chun in Europe is taught according to the standards of my late father and my brother’s and my own. My father would have been very proud to see this. I would like to say thank you to all the members of the ELYWCIMAA for the work and the engagement for Lok Yiu Wing Chun. Thanks to the cooperation of all the members of the ELYWCIMAA, Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen can grow and live in Europe.”