was born in 1957 and like most children, he had quite a normal childhood. He spent a lot of time in the school of his father watching the training of his Si Hings. Master Sang always knew that, in accordance with the Chinese traditions, as a son of Lok Yiu, he had to learn his father’s Wing Chun too at one point in his life. When his Wing Chun training started, at the age of 16, he had no deep insights into the world of martial arts and just followed the way his father led him to. Master Sang, though, could very soon appreciate the taste of hard training, enduring disciplines often harder than the one other fellow students had to face. Since Wilhelm Blech, former ELYWCIMAA

President, became a member of his family, Master Sang too had wonderful opportunities to meet the European delegates of the ELYWCIMAA. He always remembers how very kind, friendly, respectful, and hardworking they have been showing to be during their stay in Hong Kong. Master Sang’s confidence that the Lok Yiu Wing Chun has a great future in Europe is a bright hope that enlightens his heart.