This year 2020 is one of the most important ever faced and is going to set up the boundaries and the projections for every future development. 

Since February this year, the ELYWCIMAA has put a substantial amount of investment into the development of its brand and of its network of schools. The long term aspirations of reaching at least 1 school in every European country will require a generational effort and contribution. The ELYWCIMAA encourages the growth of new instructors’ schools anywhere in Europe as long as they maintain the important legacy received and they have their Sifu approval and support.  

In order to practically support what will inevitably be an important choice of life and career for the new instructors, the ELYWCIMAA has also decided to start a program aimed to financially aid the setting up of their schools. 

As long as the projects will be programmed and scheduled, new updates will be published.


We are currently working on a project that will allow the ELYWCIMAA, as a no-profit organization, to supply every school in Europe with recognizable and approved uniforms at low expenditure. 

Either students or instructors, without losing the identity of the organization and without compromising on any value that defines it, we hope will soon benefit from such an endeavor. 


As a no-profit organization the ELYWCIMAA, in order to achieve its goals, is happy to receive corporate sponsorship. We value each and every donation we receive from our supporters. With this in mind, it’s our goal to show donors how they can make the most of their contributions. If you would like to benefit from our program, please enter a proposal or simply ask for information, please use the form below. 


In this section, you can find the updated calendar activities for the year 2020. As you already know the pandemic emergency, related to the spread of the COV.19, that has been hitting so many in the world, hasn’t avoided the ELYWCIMAA. We are currently working to make sure that every school in Europe complies with the nationals necessary provisions in order to make classes and lessons safe for all. 

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